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Orthodontics deal with correction of mispositioned teeth and interjaw relationship during growth and development and later in life.

Orthodontic appliances– types and functions

Depending on the irregularities and diagnoses, you can use two types of orthodontic appliances:

  • Fixed orthodontic appliances (metal, ceramic and crystal) is the most productive way of teeth alignment and consists of small brackets, glued to your teeth on the front side and connected with a wire. The fixed orthodontic appliance cannot be removed until the therapy is over, and it can only be removed by your doctor.
  • Mobile orthodontic appliance is mostly used for children, but can also be used with adults, depending on the diagnosis, since it is much affordable than fixed appliances. Characteristical for these appliances is the possibility for a patient to put it on and off when needed.

Also, orthodontic services cover dealing with ingrown fangs and other impacted teeth.