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Dental prosthetics

Non-metal and metal-ceramic dental crowns, total prosthesis, mobile teeth prosthesis, according to highest esthetic demands in Dental Specialist Center Kostadinović!

Dental prosthetics

Services that fall into dental prosthetics:

  • Total prosthesis
  • mobile prosthesis
  • visil prosthesis
  • dental bridge
  • ceramic facets
  • metal-ceramics
  • mobile and fixed prosthetics on implants
  • temporary crowns
  • non-metal ceramics (zirconium crowns and press)

Dental prosthetics– all you need to know

Dental prosthesis is the most usual option that patients choose. It is one of the best, long-term solutions for change and improvement of your smile and with the best quality materials we use in our dental practice, it will look completely natural and comfortable to wear.

Dental prosthesis can be total, for patient who lost their natural teeth, or partial, for those who are missing one or more teeth.

Mobile prosthesis can be removed from the dental cavity and they are more affordable then total prosthesis, while total prosthesis or total acrylic prosthesis are made in cases of complete lack of teeth and don’t offer a choice of everyday removal.

Visil prosthesis represents a mobile prosthetic solution that requires the presence of certain teeth in the jaw that can be used as an anchor for the prosthesis. Rest of the teeth need to be healthy or treated.

Dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic solution for two or more teeth that are fixed to the anchor teeth or dental implants and can be metal-ceramic or non-metal.