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Dental prosthetics

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Dental prosthetics

Brushless and zircon crowns, dental bridge, dentures, according to the highest aesthetic requirements in the Kostadinović dental specialist center!

Dental or dental prosthetics is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the replacement of lost teeth and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

Dental prosthetics services:

  • total prosthesis
  • mobile prosthesis
  • visil prosthesis
  • dental bridge
  • ceramic veneers
  • metal ceramics
  • mobile and fixed prosthetics on implants
  • temporary crowns
  • metal-free ceramics (zirconia crowns and press)

Dentures – everything you need to know


Dentures are the most common option that patients opt for. It is one of the best and permanent solutions to change or beautify your smile, and with the quality materials we use in our dental practice, it will look completely natural and comfortable to wear.

Dentures can be complete, for patients who have lost natural teeth, or partial dentures when one or more teeth are missing.


A mobile prosthesis can be removed from the oral cavity and is more affordable than fixed prosthetic restorations, while a total or complete acrylate denture is made in case of complete toothlessness and is not removable.


A visil prosthesis is a mobile prosthetic restoration that is made when there are a certain number of teeth in the jaw that allow the prosthesis to be supported. The remaining teeth must be healthy and treated.


A dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic restoration of two or more teeth that are fixed to supporting teeth or dental implants.

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