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Aesthetic Dentistry

If you need some extra help to acquire a smile you’ve always wanted, we are here to provide you the best services and help you achieve your goals. Aesthetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that has undergone revolutionary advances in recent years, so everything that once was unthinkable today is achievable. In our dental office, you can correct various aesthetic defects of teeth and gain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Teeth whitening

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a completely pain-free procedure of removing brown and yellow spots that were created under various influences, like aging, chemical damages, consumption of medication, coffee, tea, cigarettes or genetics. Today, teeth whitening is one of the most wanted procedures in aesthetic dentistry and in our dental center you can get whiter and brighter teeth in less than two hours.

Is natural teeth whitening as effective as the one in the dental office?

The answer is clear. Only teeth whitening in the dental office can provide good and visible results right after the treatment. Although today we can find various advice for teeth whitening in a form of „recipes“ that you can make at home or different cosmetic products that you can order online, like various toothpastes, strips, gels or whitening pencils, not a lot of people know about their suspicious effects and harmful consequences that can be made with teeth whitening.

Can teeth whitening be harmful?

A question that bothers everyone who wants to do this procedure is how harmful teeth whitening can be. The practice has so far shown no evidence that indicates harmful consequences, even with repeated treatment, but only if it’s done by an expert doctor.

Veneers (composite facets)

Also known as tooth shells, veneers represent a thin layer of material (ceramic or composite) that covers visible surfaces of teeth, giving them a better shape and color, contributing to the overall appearance.

With composite facets, you can have a perfect and spotless smile in only a day, and they are mostly recommended for discoloration, spaced teeth(diastema) and various other irregularities in shape and position of teeth.

Besides veneers, the services we offer are: fiberglass pins (composite pins) and composite bonding.

Fiberglass pins are used to prevent fractures of teeth and to enforce the endodontically treated teeth. Composite pins can be used with patients of all ages.

Composite bonding is a technique used for reconstructing teeth and achieving a natural look while closing the spacing of teeth or covering teeth damages. It can also be used for fractured teeth.


You no longer need your orthodontic appliances and your therapy has finally come to an end. But the removal of the orthodontic appliance doesn’t mean it is the end. It is only the beginning of the end. After the removal of the fixed teeth appliance, wearing so-called retainers is required, for a certain period. The function of these devices is to retain the treated teeth in their new position, preventing their further movement or falling back to previous positions. Retainers can be fixed or mobile. Mobile retainers, also known as protective plastics, can also be used with patients that have problems with teeth grinding or bruxism.